Eastminster Preschool

Children are a vital part of the fabric of our community of faith and their education is an important aspect of congregational life at Eastminster. We have been providing high-quality preschool education to area children since 1973! Our preschool education classes meet (days/times/format). Our curriculum is based on skills for kindergarten readiness with a focus on exciting learning environments. We aim to inspire a child’s natural curiosity, promote self-discovered knowledge, encourage independence and build self-esteem. Highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers provide developmentally appropriate activities to foster social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth. Multi-teacher teams allow exceptionally low student/teacher ratios that help every child to leave preschool with enhanced self-confidence, independence, creativity, self-control and a sense of community. Children will know school as a loving, safe, and fun place to be and be prepared for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Eastminster is a Great Start Readiness Preschool site which greatly adds to the diversity of our student population and is a source of scholarship funding for families who might have difficulty affording the cost of traditional preschool.For more information visit www.eastminsterkids.org