What is Sunday Like?


What to wear

Eastminster is a very diverse congregation and that is also apparent with what is worn as attire on Sundays.  There is no set requirement for what to wear to any church activities.  Our congregation is respectful to the house of the Lord in the choice of their attire.

Worship style

Eastminster enjoys a traditional, contemplative, reflective service which includes music, sermon and communion.  The children are invited to be a part of the service as well as attending a children’s service that is also available at their choice.  Music is appreciated through a variety choir offerings and the singing of hymns.

Coffee fellowship

Eastminster invites all of those who attend our worship service to a coffee fellowship immediately after the service.  This time is for our congregation as well as any visitors to talk and enjoy a time of sharing and learning about our diversity.

Faith Formation classes

Eastminster invites all who are interested in attending a Faith Formation class after the coffee fellowship gathering.  We have a variety of classes that can run from one week to a few weeks to a few months.  These classes also cover a variety of topics that are selected by the congregation as well as the Session.

What does Sunday look like?

What to wear, worship style, classes, and more.

Family Life

Preschool, Children, Youth, Small Groups.

Mission & Vision

Read about our guiding principles.


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Want to worship with us?

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